We are proud to announce that the Danish/Italian artist Anika Lori’s seductively playful and often uncanny universe, will be experienced this year at Trailerpark Festival, where she will be creating the scenography "One After Moon” for the Soundvenue Stage. Anika Lori is represented by V1 Gallery, since 2005.

Anika Lori primarily works with various aspects of the relationship between "the little man" and "the big universe". Through her work she examines how specific objects may be distorted or rewritten. The interesting thing about this is how objects and symbols, consciously or unconsciously, behave when they get in contact with each other.

As a visual artist with extensive experience as a DJ at the Danish club scene, we are pleased to see Anika’s collages and paintings become three dimensional and form the framework for this year's Soundvenue stage.


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