Halfdan Pisket made it through the prestigious Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in just two years, starting there when he was only 17 years old. In the beginning he worked fast painting with acrylic on canvas or spray-paint on walls. After graduating in 2009, he now uses drawing as his medium of choice, both analogue and digital.

Picket Grew up in Copenhagen but his latest work, 'Desertør' (The Deserter), tells the story about his turkish father and Russian-Armenian mother in the form of a comic. He has also collaborated lately with many different artists, with the photographer Fryd Frydendahl in the book Vinter, as the VJ Cancer for Albertslund Terrorkorps, and in different media for Jecob Bellens music video Champion Sounds.

This year he is joining Trailerpark Festival with his digital mythological inspired drawings.


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