Rune Bosse is a half Danish, half German artist. He travels between Copenhagen and Berlin, living and working in both places, while studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He is currently getting his master’s degree there in the department of time-based media. In Berlin he studied at Olafur Eliasson’s school 'The Institute for Spatial Experiments'.

In November he participated in an exhibition at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, with the work titled ‘Moments’. His work consisted of 81 bottles, and in every bottle there was one bleached plant. He picked a plant everyday to put in a bottle for 81 days, all in different spots at certain moments - thus creating a memory to either be remembered, or to be forgotten.

It is this poetic, nature loving, almost meditative feeling his works give, we would like to spread at Trailerpark Festival this year. 


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