Tears & Marble

They introduced themselves on the internet with a cover of Haddaway’s 90’s megahit ‘What is Love’. They quickly captured the attention of blogs, radio stations and music critics worldwide.

The duo's first EP ‘Romance’ was released independently last year. With their mesmerizing and atmospheric performance, the duo was added to the prestigious PITCH Festival line up.

Unexpected, exciting, sad and romantic, are just a few words to describe their music.


Darkness Falls

The second Danish live band at Trailerpark Amsterdam will be Darkness Falls who are a pop- noir duo, consisting of Josephine Philip (vocals and keyboard) and Ina Lindgreen (guitar).

Darkness Falls also have a link to the Danish producer Trentemøller, who produced their debut album ‘Alive In Us’ from 2011. It received wide spread critical acclaim, massive radio airplay and resulted in a multitude of concerts across Europe.

Their follow up album ‘Dance And Cry’ was released two months ago and has been regarded as one of the most anticipated albums of 2015.


First Hate

One band people can experience at Trailerpark Amsterdam will be the Danish band First Hate, that are a lo-fi synth-pop duo from Copenhagen consisting of Anton  (Vocals/ Keys) and Joakim (Keys/Vocals).

In September 2014, the punk legend Ben Cook released First Hate’s self titled debut EP 'First Hate' on his Canadian label Bad Actors Inc and suddenly First Hate was on everyone’s lips.

First Hate recently toured Eastern Europe with the Danish producer Trentemøller and now First Hate is ready to take Amsterdam by storm.