• Soundvenue (map)
  • 80 Enghavevej
  • København, 2450
  • Denmark

Members of the ever strong Thy Music Collective comes Magnolia Shoals. They first debuted back in 2011 with EP 'Life Danced In The Flesh' and was praised by critics and audiences alike. Since forming the Music Collective in 2013 Magnolia Shoals have spent time refining their melancholic sound appearing at festivals along the was such as Alive, Vesterbro Festival, SPOT Festival to name a few.

February 2015 saw the arrival of their long awaited debut 'Tentants', the singles 'Western Where About' and 'Render Hill' has already been highlighted on music media both at home and abroad. Come early to get a taste of Thy's finest artists as they lead you through their charming indie rock. 


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